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Biography of Dr. Kahnamuee

Dr. Hamid.R.Kahnamuee was among the first 5 physicians in Iran practicing hair transplantation in 2000. At the beginning he took hair transplant certificate from France. Then he Completed hair transplantation course in the united states (california) in 2007, and continud his work with the updated methods. Finally he received American Board of Hair Restoration surgery (ABHRS).

Biography of Dr. Kahnamuee
Dr. Kahnamuee has excellent surgical skills resulting to great results, due to almost 20 years of experience in hair transplant. He is a full time hair transplant surgeon and has done more than 6000 surgeries in Iran and UAE (dubai) sofar.


Dr. Hamid Kahnamuee is among the few doctors that perform all of the stages of the surgery individually and carefully. He has a track record of excellent results in the FUT, FUE and BHT techniques of hair transplant. He has a great reputation when it comes to repair surgeries for patients with bad results of previous surgeries.

He takes great pride in his ability to create natural hair lines with also achieving fullness of appearance.
Dr. Hamid Kahnamuee is founder and director of Interational specialized Iranian Hair Transplantation, Laser and Beauty centre that it’s central clinic is located in Isfahan city. There are special facilities in this clinic for  foreign tourists same as english and arabic staves, VIP airport transfer, Isfahan city tours and also booking the best hotels.